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10 Myths About Breast Cancer Debunked

You may have thought that the following myths about breast cancer were true, but in truth most of them are not.

1. Wearing bras can give or increase your risk of breast cancer:

No, there is no scientific correlation between wearing underwire bras and breast cancer.

2. Breast cancer is hereditary:

Only 5% to 10% of breast cancer cases are thought to be hereditary. Breast cancer can also be caused by lifestyle and environmental choices.

3. Early detection doesn’t mean your diagnosis can be changed:

Early detection goes a long way. If anything is detected it can be easily cured before it degenerates.

4. Deodorants & Antiperspirants cause breast cancer:

There is no evidence to support the claim that deodorants or antiperspirants either by toxin buildup or aluminium exposure causes breast cancer

5. Sugar causes breast cancer:

Although simple carbohydrate sugar or too much of sugar isn’t good for anyone’s health, sugar isn’t responsible for breast cancer.

6. There’s nothing women can do to reduce the risk of breast cancer:

This is a blatant lie! Eating healthy, regular exercise, maintaining body weight and limiting alcohol intake can reduce the risk of having breast cancer.

7. Mammograms reduce the risk of having breast cancer:

Mammograms are only meant for detecting whether or not you have symptoms or signs of breast cancer.

8. Only women can have breast cancer:

This is wrong. Men have breast cancer too, although it is extremely rare. Male breast cancer cases constitute only about 1% of total cases.

9. Breast Implants increase your risk of having breast cancer:

Breast implants do not directly increase your risk of having breast cancer. Although, while having a mammogram, implants might block the view of some breast tissues. If you have implants inform your gynaecologist so they can take additional x-rays from different angles just to be sure.

10. Young women can’t have breast cancer:

Anyone can be diagnosed with breast cancer at any age although the risk increases with age.


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