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#234Star Interview: Christine Kato, Creator Of The “Breast Bag Design”

Christine Kato, the CEO/ Creative director and founder of Christine Arts and Designs, a Nigerian based company which creates art inspired designs had a recent interview with 234Star where she discussed her work, style, explained more about her designs and more.

At 24 years old, Christine is a Sociology graduate at the University of Abuja, Nigeria describes herself as an avid writer, artist, designer, a human and animal rights activist, and a feminist.


Read excerpts from the interview below:

234Star: You studied Sociology, why did you choose to be a designer despite your degree in social sciences?

Christine: In a country where youths are usually repressed; I found myself like many majoring in a study I had no prior interest in; however I was able to channel negativity and created it into something positive. Designing came to me first as a hobby and the rest is history.

What are the challenges you face in the course of creating your pieces and how do you overcome them?

The challenges I face is the best and most interesting part of what I do. I would say an idea is just an idea until it is executed. Also, new ideas take some time to be accepted but I would say what motivates me in life and my craft is the hunger to overcome a hurdle a difficulty, a problem or a challenge. When I have an idea which seems hard to actualize and people are discouraging that’s when I am more propelled keep pushing no matter how long it takes in order to actualize what I have in my imagination. Ironically when the piece has been created it receives appreciation and that’s the best feeling ever. The road can very lonely but it later ends in victory learning from so many mistakes and finally creating a masterpiece. It’s such a satisfying and fulfilling feeling.


Describe your style in one word.

My style is “Vintage Classic “


What inspired your “breast bag” design?

The inspiration behind the design emanates from a feminist view: a revolution and the need to empower women to reclaim, celebrate and embrace their bodies and sexualities. To display the power of feminity, to create awareness about issues affecting women, to make feminity look fierce and to celebrate womanhood.


Who’s your favourite fashion icon?

I have some vintage fashion icons I love but I think the most stunning is Marilyn Monroe.

What’s your favourite fashion item?

A little black dress always comes in handy.


What’s the best piece you’ve created?

The Breast Handbag Design is my favourite but I wouldn’t say it’s the best of my design. Each piece I have comes with a different story, a history, a statement, a revolution and its own personality. The best ones are yet to be created and they keep getting better with the next. Watch out!


What has been the best part of your career so far?

The best part of my career is the media coverage of my designs, and having to use my design for good causes; also when fans reach out to me, it’s such an amazing feeling.


What was the last fashion item you bought at a store?

A beautiful poncho with many colours.


Can you describe what feminism means to you as an individual?

I would say that a woman standing only for her gender isn’t a feminist but a woman standing for every gender is a feminist. The word feminism doesn’t stand for female equality, it stands for equality, and equality means giving all the sets of right equally to everyone. Being feminist doesn’t mean you can always play the role of victim and bully men. Feminism isn’t only about empowering women. Feminism hold rights for every gender whether it is in education, work or anything else. Feminism isn’t about women, it’s about everyone. Feminism isn’t about being against men. It’s about standing for men too. Don’t misuse the term feminism. First, know what feminism is all about and then call yourself a “feminist”.


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