#234StarHelpLine: Do All Men Cheat?

Dear 234Star Helpline,

Before I begin, I’d like to know if you are a male or female. If you are a female, can I also get a man’s view too? If you are a man, then it’s perfect.

My name is Jane. I just finished my Youth Service and recently started working. My question is and has always been, do all men cheat? I have sent this out to other platforms like yours but have never gotten a satisfactory answer, they always mince words, always. I have had a couple of relationships, one almost leading to marriage but they ended up cheating on me, all of them. At a point, I started wondering if something is wrong with me.

A little background about me; I’m dark(more like what people call chocolate), average in height and have boobs and ass in the right proportion. People always compliment me even when I’m not wearing makeup. I’m a great cook though I’m not one to slave for a man and I graduated with 2.1. I’m well behaved too. This is not me boasting or anything. Just letting you know I have all the things people claim make men cheat.

The problem now is, I’m suspecting the guy I’m dating presently is cheating too. He recently started checking other girls out when we are together and there are other signs too. I can’t get myself to check his phone. I’m too scared of what I’ll find out.

Please tell me, do all men cheat?

Our Advice: Baby girl, more than anything, I understand your plight. A lot of people have been there and still are and you must have heard things along these lines a lot, ‘All men cheat. If you leave a place because it’s raining there, it will still rain in the next place you are going.’ I also do know that some people have formed their opinion about certain things and no matter what you tell them, they hold their view tight, very tight. However, I will tell you this. All men do not cheat. Please read it again, slowly this time. All men do not cheat. Yes, many men cheat but I am telling you this for sure, not all of them. If you can be with a man, love him, do all you can for him and not cheat on him, why can’t he? ‘Body no be firewood’ as they will say but you are as human as he is. If you can, why can’t he? The problem with matters like this is that we women tell ourselves that all men cheat giving them reasons to and when it happens we say things like, ‘I’m the one he loves. He will still come home to me at the end of the day.’ Girl, seriously?! You deserve love, happiness, attention, care, respect, and everything that comes with a relationship and that includes fidelity, faithfulness. It’s unacceptable to stay with a cheating partner. It’s unacceptable to think all men cheat and expect it’s normal. It’s unacceptable to settle for less. You may have to kiss a lot of frog before you meet your prince. You may have to go through a lot of unpleasant relationships but never stop trying, ever. Love is a beautiful thing and you deserve it, all of it!


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