234starHelpline: I Am A Slave In My Own Home

Hello 234star! This isn’t exactly a problem. It’s more of a rant.

Please as mothers or soon to be mothers, let’s cultivate the habit of training our male children to work. Let him also learn how to do basic and non-basic house chores too. It shouldn’t only be the female learning stuffs like this when she is in her parents house. No lady is a slave. Not even your wife or daughter.

Before I got married 8 years ago, when I was still under my parents roof, my mom always said stuff like; “You’re a lady you need to learn how to do cook, wash your cloths yourself, do this and do that.” But my elder brother will always sit and do nothing. When I bring it up, they’ll say; “He is a man!”

“You’re growing already, very soon you’ll be in your husband’s house.” That annoying phrase has to stop! No lady is planning on being a slave in future, not even in this 21st century that we are in, where we ladies also go out to work, gets stuck in traffic and come home tired too.

It’s not only men that go out to hustle. You know that right? Even the Bible refers to us as helpers not slaves! How do you help someone with something when the person can’t even do it?

Please as you’re teaching your daughters how to cook and take care of the home teach your sons too!

This is the problem with most marriages now, including mine. The son will grow with the mentality that woman should be the one doing all the work. My husband has been stressing me out and is still stressing me out since I got married to him. He doesn’t help me to do anything in the home. I am a slave in my own home! All he does is to drop money. And I also work to support him. I’m not a full house wife! I’m getting tired and I’m afraid my children are not getting enough training because we dropped them in a boarding school and they are not yet secondary school students!

It’s looking like I’ll eventually quit my job which I love so much. Is there anything you think I can do to help the situation?


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