234StarHelpline: My Boss Is Cheating On His Wife & I

Please before you start judging me, I am not a woman to date married men. I have never done that before. Even while in the University, I didn’t have a boyfriend except once in my 2nd year.

My boss recently showed interest in me. That was last year, late last year. The man was disturbing me, calling, always sending for me and won’t just get out of my life. After like a long time, we became friends and finally started a relationship. His wife cheats on him, doesn’t care how he is, spends his money anyhow and doesn’t even let him sleep with her. That was why I even agreed to have anything to do with him in the first place. If it was a happy home, what’s my business with a married man?

We have been together since last year and he is an amazing lover in every way and I fell for him. Do you know I just found out this man is seeing a lady from one of the companies we do business with. She comes every week and goes in to see him privately and I don’t know how long they have been fucking. I am broken. A man that claims I do everything his wife doesn’t do and he wishes he met me earlier before he married her. He even said a few times he wants to take this seriously and see my parents. The fool is sleeping with some lady out there.

Our Advice: I understand the situation you got yourself into. He deceived you but again, it’s only because you let him.

A man would say anything to get into your pants. There is no proof his wife is everything he says she is and even if she is, he should either work things out with her or walk out. It is wrong on all levels to have an affair with a man who is married or in a relationship. If anything must happen between you two, it should be after the relationship or marriage has over.

Also know, a man who cheats on another with you will cheat on you with another. Please quit that affair, it is not meant to be. You deserve more than that baby girl. You deserve your own man, yours alone.

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