#234StarHelpline: My Boyfriend Is Asking For My Instagram Password

Hello 234star, my boyfriend of 10 months is a jealous stalker. At first, his stalking and jealousy wasn’t so annoying because I felt it was because he loves me and I saw it as being cute. But I am recently getting extremely irritated by it. 

He never wants to leave my side, he has prohibited me from using password to unlock my phone, he asks “who is that?” every time I receive a call in his presence, last week, he kept on asking me why a particular guy on Instagram likes my every post and yesterday evening, he called to ask for the password to my INSTAGRAM PAGE!! Can you imagine that nonsense!

Sometimes, I understand his insecurities because I am a beautiful girl but this is getting out of hand and I can’t cope with this anymore! I mean he is becoming too controlling. Unfortunately, I love him too much to leave but how do I continue like this? We all read experiences of ladies who didn’t heed to negative signs and eventually get into marriage but regret it!

So what exactly should I do??


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