#234StarHelpLine: My Husband Is Married To Someone That’s Not Me

Hello 234Star Helpline,

Where have I gone wrong? I don’t know even know where to run to. My husband has left me. I’ve been married to this stupid man for 20 freaking years until he decided to travel out of the country to the USA for a better hustle. Since he traveled 3 years ago, we’ve been communicating well. He sends me money, he calls me every single day. All has been going on fine. He even called to tell me 2 weeks ago that he would send me some money to start processing my Visa so I can join him. I’ve been working on that happily until yesterday when I settled in the evening and decided to surf my social media pages. I am not a Facebook person so I’m not even sure why I opened my Facebook page after a long time of inactivity. After scrolling through, I closed the app but did not log out. Few minutes later while I was eating, a notification came in that someone has been tagged on a post on Facebook. Normally I would not open that notification because like I said earlier, I’m not a fan of Facebook. But I opened it. I opened that stupid notification to see a picture of my husband carrying 2 new born babies with an Oyinbo woman smiling and carrying another new born, besides him. The caption read “My big bro is now a Father. Not just any father oo, a father to triplet. I am finally an Aunty.” My own husband is married with 3 children and he couldn’t he divorce me first. And to think that I was waiting for him thinking I’ll become a rich woman when I finally join him over there.
234star Readers! Where do I run to? This thing is on Facebook which means it is not a secret. All my friends already know. Our church members, everybody! Even his family members are in support. The congratulatory comments from people is know is even making things worse. How do I face people? I will eventually have to kill myself. I can’t live with this. I’ve been trying his number since yesterday but he is not picking up. My parents are dead. I am an only child. Who do I talk to? I’ve not left my house since yesterday night because I do not even know where to go or what to do. I’m afraid I’ll leave this world soon but I still need help! And I need it fast!

Our advice:

We’ll throw this out to our audience for advice. In the meantime, please hold tight!

By popular demand, we recently launched our agony column 234Star Helpline where our in-house experts, with the help of our followers, attempt to proffer the best solutions to relationship and sex questions sent in by readers. Feel free to send us any question you might have via the email, editor@234Star.com.


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