#234StarHelpline: My Husband Wants Us To Watch Pornography

Hello 234star, I have a big problem! I got married to my amazing husband 8 months ago and I’ve been enjoying every bit of being married to him but lately my husband is beginning to demand something I can’t succumb to because it’s against my personal value. Of course, I know some of your readers will see nothing wrong in his demand but it is wrong to me.

Three days ago, was a Saturday yeah? My husband and I decided to stay home through out so we have have time to catch up since we rarely have time for ourselves because of our separate jobs and all. While we were chillingly watching a movie, he told me he was bored and we should do something for fun. I told him to bring something up, then he excused himself and came back out with his phone. Only for this man to plug his phone to the television, went to his video folder and  played a video. A PORNOGRAPHIC VIDEO! They didn’t even do any introduction to warn me, they just started the video like that! WTF? I shouted and told him I wasn’t interested. When did he even start watching porn? I’m really disappointed to be honest! He laughed it off that day, but begged me to watch it with him again on Sunday and because I refused, he has been giving me strong attitude since then, till now!

I know the implications of watching porn and I’m not interested in getting into it. Besides it is against my belief as a Christian. I really love my husband and I’m sure it has not ended there. I don’t like the way our relationship has suddenly become strained but I can’t watch porn to save it either, so don’t even think about advising me to. What can you guys say about this? I really can’t tell anybody physically because I don’t want any third party I am familiar with so please give me your best advice on this. I’ll be waiting! Thank you!

Advice: Wow! We’ll leave this one to our readers.


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