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4 Lipstick Shades You Should Own

Lipsticks are essential in every woman’s makeup kit. They have a way of brightening up and bringing attention to one’s face. Lipsticks are produced and marketed by various brands and come in numerous shades but here are five lipstick shades every woman should have.

1. RED: This is the colour of queens. Red has this special magnet that draws people in. It also translates to sophistication. It also gives off a naughty, sexy yet powerful vibe and red lips always make a bold statement.

2. PINK: Pink is flirty and fun. It has the ability to come of as soft and strong at the same time.

3. PLUM: This is a dark colour and is very risque to pull off. Plum has a very dark any mysterious vibe to it.

4. NUDE: Since it started as a trend a few years back, this colour is now becoming a staple. The trick to finding the best shade of nude that suits you is to find one that blends with your skin tone, you can also go for a shade darker.


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