4 Stretch Mark Myths Debunked

If you happen to be a human with human skin, then there’s a high chance that you are familiar with stretch marks. Most of us have them.

In an average month, 49,500 people Google the phrase “How to get rid of stretch marks” almost three times as many as “How to get rid of dark circles.”

If you do search that term, you find a ton of misinformation, much of it preying on people’s insecurities.

But just how much of this information can be filed under myths?

1. Stretch marks are a sign that you need to lose weight
It doesn’t matter how much you weigh; anyone can develop stretch marks. Stretch marks can come for anyone, whether you’re a man, woman, young, old, active, or not.

From a medical perspective, stretch marks happen when skin is forced to thin itself and, you know, stretch. This thinning exposes a deeper layer of your skin through tributary-like tears that can range in color from red to purple to white.

2. You can prevent stretch marks with special creams, lotions, or oils
Not much can be done to prevent stretch marks, other than avoiding fluctuations in your weight and body size so save your money.

Stretch-mark creams can feel and smell nice, but they won’t have any effect.

3. You can eliminate stretch marks with special creams, lotions, or oils
Seriously, just use these products to moisturize your skin. But if you feel as though you must lessen their appearance, beauty experts have suggested investing in a self-tanner or tinted lotion as an affordable option.

There are a few treatments that can erase stretch marks, but they’re very expensive and their success depends on a number of factors, including the degree of the stretch marks and how long you’ve had them.

4. Drinking water can prevent stretch marks from forming
There is no direct correlation between drinking water and stretch marks, but staying hydrated does help to improve the overall appearance of the skin and is something people should really consider as part of their skin-care regimen.

Also no specific foods will prevent them, either so eat what you want and call it a day.


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