5 Bollywood Blockbusters You Don’t Want To Miss This January

This January, the drama and suspense continues with only the best in Bollywood blockbuster series on Zee World DStv Channel 166 and GOtv Channel 25. Entertainment has been taken to a new level with new shows to keep you entertained.

Here are 5 amazing blockbusters you don’t want to miss this January:



Deception tells the story of two desperate parents Harsish and Supriya, who in a bid to help their son Nareen who seems to want to abandon all earthly attachments and indulgence seeks the help of their son’s classmate Pooja, who has troubles of her own. Pooja in her desire to help Nareen makes an enemy, Nareen’s aunt who doesn’t trust her. This is a twisted tale of a family with agendas and secrets, too many to keep up with. Each family member keeps getting in the other’s way. 

Deception is a modern-day interpretation of the classic love story, Naren is a young man trying to figure out life with no attachments or indulgence. He stays with his mom and dad who are very worried about their son’s new life journey. They see Pooja at a school concert and start to question if she could be the correct person to help them with Naren. Pooja’s uncle’s house is getting repossessed and she could save her home by agreeing to Naren’s dad’s offer of 1 million rands. Poja finally agreed to go help with Naren, but she already has an enemy, Neelima, Naren’s aunt and hates the fact that she is being lied to about why Pooja is working in the house

Deception sure has enough drama to keep viewers guessing what is to come next. Deception shows by 7PM every day on Zee World Channel 166 on DStv.


Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire follows the struggle between 2 women, Ragni & Shriti, from different backgrounds who get married under questionable circumstances.  Vikral breaks the news to his daughter about the man she is going to marry, she is nervous while Anurag is busy trying to change his parent’s mind about getting married. Revati finds out that Vidvaan has arranged their son to marry an educated lady by the name of Shristi, she is devastated because Shristi does not come from a wealthy, respected family-like Ragni.

Ring of Fire starts showing on January 31 2020, on Zee World DStv Channel 166 and Channel 25 on GOtv. Ring of Fire will be showing daily by 8PM. 

Lady Luck 

On Lady Luck this month, Pavitra tries to break the trust between Ansh and Bhoomi as she brings another person into their relationship. Vasundhara has been made to seem unfit and the rest of the family begin to worry about her mental state. Bhoomi bears witness to the person who has been tormenting Vasundhara. Bhoomi fights Pavitra in an attempt to make sure she begins to value Vasundhara as her mother. As she recovers, Vasundhara hands over household and business authority over to Bhoomi and Lata, this leaves Suman and Surbhi feeling upset and unappreciated. Vasundhara’s secret is revealed in front of the entire family, ties and bonds may never be fixed again. Vasundhara’s name is cleared as Kanta reveals the whole truth to everyone. Pavitra is still adamant on killing Bhoomi and Vasundhara. Ansh and the rest of the family are not convinced that Bhoomi is alive, so they question the intruder who claims to be Bhoomi. The Shuklas confirm that Bhoomi (Divya) is alive although her face and voice are not the same. A legal case has been filed for the property to be evenly distributed among the entire family.  The family finally accepts Divya as Bhoomi. Pavitra has gone to dig up Divya’s past in a ploy to get her out of the Prajapati household. Yuvraj comes back with his murderous intentions and no one is safe. Ansh ruins Pavitra and Yuvraj’s plan as he saves Divya from revealing her true identity. Divya and Ansh are about to celebrate their first festival together as a married couple.

Lady Luck shows by 6PM everyday on Zee World Channel 166 on DStv and Channel 25 on GOtv 

Gangaa 2 

This January on Gangaa 2, Madvhi gives Niranjan medicine from the false prophet, this lands him in the hospital. The false prophet is at the Chaturvedi mansion and has gathered all of them to blame Krishna for the bad things happening at the mansion. Madvi kicks Gangaa and Sagar out of the house because they are the only two that don’t believe in the false prophet. Kanta suffers a heart attack because of the stress she has been feeling. Prabha has kidnapped the Charturvedi family at this time of bereavement. She plans to kill all of them by using each family member to kill each other according to the game she has them playing. Kashish lies about being pregnant in order not to lose Purab, but when the truth comes out she loses both Purab and Gangaa. Gangaa keeps having premonitions of the future but no-one seems to believe anything she tells them. The whole family goes down to the river and Gangaa meets Maharaj’s daughter who is getting married called Gangaa. There’s a bad thunderstorm at the river and Gangaa, Sagar and Krishna drown. Gangaa is suffering from Amnesia, she finds herself in a new home with new family members. Gangaa marries a respectable man called Shiv, he has a daughter who tries everything in her power to make Gangaa leave their home. There is no connection between Shiv and Gangaa, but because it’s an arranged marriage none of them seem to realise that they have the wrong Gangaa in their house. 

There’s more to uncover only on Zee World Channel 166 on DStv and Channel 25 on GOtv. 

King of Hearts 

This month on King of Hearts, Koyal is furious with Mahi for trying to get in the way of her and Satya, so she finds a way to get Mahi out of the picture. Mahi is more determined than ever to catch Satya out at his own game and it seems that Satya’s enemies are willing to help. Satya finds a way to weave himself into Payal’s household. However, he doesn’t know that the members of the house all knew his father Siddarth, how will they react when they see him?  Dhawal invites Mahi out to a party but Satya still doesn’t trust the man’s motives, so he decides to join the party as well. What happens while they’re there though shows Satya a completely different side of Mahi. Satya is almost defeated by the news of Mahi getting married. Things in the house are getting complicated for Satya – Mahi has rejected him as her husband and Payal starts to use this to her advantage by playing with Mahi’s emotions. 

King of Hearts shows every day by 10PM on  Zee World Channel 166 on DStv and GOtv Channel 25. 

This January, there’s more drama than ever on Zee World, and if viewers think that they know what’s coming, they are in for a few surprises. 



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