5 Perfect Pain-Free Ways To Remove Difficult Makeup

Makeup is a beauty element most ladies can’t do without. It enhances beauty and makes some feel more confident. But for a lot of makeup wearers, getting rid of makeup at the end of the day is a whole lot of hard work because some makeup products don’t just come off with water and soap.

When not properly removed, makeup can clog pores and cause acne. And no body wants that.

So the way out?

Here are 5 perfect, pain-free ways to remove difficult makeup:

1. To remove false lashes, press and hold a cotton wool soaked in coconut oil, this will loosen the adhesive in the lash glue and make it come off easily.

2. To get rid of glitter on the face, apply strips of sellotape on the areas of the face and pull out gently.

3. To clean your eyebrow pencil and eyeliner perfectly, use baby oil or coconut oil.

4. To easily clean off matte lipstick, apply vaseline on the lips.

5. Steam the face and use cucumber juice to unclog pores.

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