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5 Reasons You Should Definitely Consider Moving In With Your Partner Before Marriage

Last week we gave you a list of dilemmas that came with cohabiting with your partner.

Well this week, we decided to give you guys all the positive things about living with your significant other and let you decide if the good outweighs the bad.

Here are all the perks of cohabiting with your partner:

1) You spend less, kind of

You kind of spend less than you would if you were living alone. Whether it’s bills, groceries or maintenance (hopefully he’s handy around the house for fixing things) you’ll find that you’ll spend a lot less.

The kind of part? Well, those gifts you get him just because he’s bae and you want to appreciate him have to come out of somewhere.

2) When you’re ill they’ll play nurse

I know, I know this is so cliche but when you’re cohabiting with your partner it means on sick days when the cramps or malaria has you, he’s around to play nurse. He’ll also give you that extra attention while you’re being a big baby.

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Nothing makes you recover faster from a bout of malaria than having you boyfriend snuggle close.

3) You don’t have to miss your partner

Unless when you’re both at work or at separate locations, you pretty much are always together. Coming back home doesn’t have to mean being lonely and pining away from him, it means going to sleep in his arms.

Yup, definitely a perk.

4) You have someone to share your bad days with

You know those really bad days where you can’t wait to lay in bed and let those tears spill? Well, now you have someone to talk who understands you and will make you feel better. You bad days aren’t so bad anymore.

5) You get to have a test run of what marriage would be like

Cohabiting with your partner is the closest you’ll get to being married without actually being married. You get to find out where you both need to make compromises and what works for you both long before you both walk down the aisle.

You really are on the winning side of things and end up solving problems that could arise when it’s too late to solve.


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