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5 Signs You Need A Mental Health Checkup

Nigerians do not like hearing words like therapist, shrink or mental health check up. That’s because once we hear these words we automatically think “madness”. That’s not true.

A therapist is not a doctor for mad people. They are there to help you deal with things like stress, anxiety and other issues.

Now that we’ve cleared that myth up, here are 5 signs you need to see a therapist for a mental health checkup.

1. A problem or habit causes significant shift in your life

If you’re dealing with a habit or problem that makes day to day life a hassle it might be time to get professional help. When a problem becomes a reason for job loss or a break up it means it needs to be dealt with seriously.

2. If you feel overwhelmed and stressed out frequently

A feeling of weightiness and under achievement is normal from time to time in our lives. But if you frequently feel like you’re overwhelmed, not good enough or constantly sad and discouraged. You might want to see a therapist for a mental health checkup to find out what’s wrong.

3. Everything else you’ve tried hasn’t worked

If you’ve tried managing your emotions better, or avoiding triggers that cause the problem. Even eating healthy and exercising or anything else you’ve read online to help you deal with, and it’s still an issue. Then it’s time to see a therapist.#

4. Recently going through some trauma

If you’ve just ended a serious relationship, lost a loved one or gotten fired from your job, you might be going through a mourning phase and seeking professional help might be the best way to get a handle on your life again. If nothing else, it will help you understand what you’re going through.

5. Getting stuck on unproductive routine

If you feel like you’re constantly doing the same thing or going through the same process over and over again in any area of your life and getting the same negative result. If you can’t seem to change a negative pattern when dealing with an issue then it’s time to ask for professional help.


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