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5 Things You MUST NOT Wear To A Job Interview

Nailing a job interview is dependent on a number of factors, a major one being how you dress. You want to make the right impression even before you say a word, and what you’re wearing or not wearing goes a long way in doing that.

We’ll definitely do a post on the right outfits to score the job of your dreams but before then, here’s a list of 5 things you mustn’t wear to an interview.

Distressed Jeans:

Distressed Jeans - Job Interview

No matter how “relaxed” the work environment is, a distressed pair of denim on your very first interview won’t get you any extra points.

Bright Coloured Extension

I know you’ve been waiting to rock your new rainbow-coloured hair but this is hardly the place or time. Wait until you get in to show them your true colour(s).

Designer Logos

There are so many places you can flaunt your designer logos, a job interview isn’t one of them. That dress may cost more than the HR’s salary and you don’t want to risk upsetting him or her.

Uncomfortable Heels

Job Interview outfits

Imagine taking a tumble as soon as you walk into your interview. Your village people had no parts to play in this one, it’s all on you sis.

Mesh/Sheer Outfits

You should stay away from any outfit that reveals your inner wears, unless of course they swore for you.


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