6 Things You Must Know Before Going On A First Date


Most people get really nervous when they are going on a first date and that’s only normal, especially when you really like that person and are eager to make good first impression and avoid doing silly things that might annoy your potential partner.

So in order to feel really confident about yourself and also enjoy it, we’ve got some tips to make sure you have the best first date.

1.Choose a place you both like

If you are doing the choosing, make sure it’s somewhere not only you likes but you both and also try to avoid noisy areas so you both don’t get really distracted while trying to have a conversation.

2Pick the perfect outfit

Make sure you wow him in that outfit, not looking like you’re trying too much to impress him, just strike a balance, don’t go for something you won’t be comfortable in.

3Keep the conversation going

You might have lots of questions to ask but just reserve them for later, you don’t want to come off as too forward but while at it make sure you engage him in interesting topic or things that might interest you both.

4. Make sure it’s just the two of you 

You should try spending quality time knowing each other without bringing friends that won’t even give you both enough time or space to talk and sometimes doing that only makes your date uncomfortable,there’s really no point of meeting up for the first time only to bring others.

5. Put your phone away

There’s nothing more offensive than trying to have a conversation with someone who is constantly checking their phone, it is not only rude but also breaks the flow. So as much as possible try not to get distracted and pay attention to whatever your date is saying.

6. Don’t pretend to be anything you’re not

In an attempt to impress, don’t over do it by doing or wearing things that you know isn’t part of you, just be yourself around him and if you both kick off then good for you and if not that’s fine too. Just do things that you would normally do.



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