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7 Nigerian Modest Fashion Bloggers You Should Absolutely Follow On Instagram

The term “Modest Fashion” is relatively new, but the concept which entails staying covered up without sacrificing looking stylish is something that has been around for a long time. While in its original meaning, Modest Fashion doesn’t necessarily have religious connotations, it has come to be a term associated mostly with muslim women who by the nature of their religion are required to more often than not, stay covered up.

Before the recent evolution that the Modest Fashion industry is witnessing globally, the concept wasn’t one that lots of people deemed “cool” or “fashionable” (even though Northern Nigerian women are some of the most style and beauty conscious people you’ll ever come across). What came to mind when one heard modest fashion was hijab, flowing niqab and all the other different coverings worn by Muslim women. But thanks, in most part, to the fashion bloggers listed in this post, we’ve come to learn that Modest Fashion is so much more; it doesn’t have to be boring and it can be as chic as heck!

If you’re a modest fashion practitioner or an enthusiast and you’re not following these uber stylish women, WYD?

1. Hafsah Mohammed (@Hafymo)

Perhaps the most prominent name/face in the Nigerian modest fashion blogging space, Hafsah Mohammed has totally, and continues to, redefined (modest) fashion on her own terms. Hafsah is STYLE GOALS! She never shies away from taking fashion risks and putting her own spin on any piece of clothing she wears. Her Instagram feed is quite something and it helps that she also occasionally blesses us turban tutorials there.

2. Maryam Salam (@itsmaryamsalam)

Maryam takes her aesthetics seriously, and her carefully curated Instagram feed is a testament to that. Her style is a perfect blend of chic and cool.

3. Halima Mustapha (@iamleema_)

Halima brings a good dose of attitude with her. Here’s a woman who loves and lives life to the fullest, and it shows in her style as well as everything else she does.

4. Leila Khalil (@leilakhalil.o)

The mysterious one, Leila does her best to keep all the attention on her style by staying anonymous in all her posts. She continually serves chic style inspiration with her outfits and accessories.

5. Hanifa Abubakar (@haniiiifa)

Hanifa is perhaps not your regular modest fashion blogger; for one, her hair is more often than not, uncovered. But there is no denying her elegance and impeccable sense of style. She epitomises class effortlessly. And oh her kimono collection is to die for!

6. Haddiee (@officialhaddiee)

7. Tesly Yusuf (@hajia_belle)

This mum of three takes her style and beauty very seriously. She still embraces the traditional muslim style whilst adding her touch by spicing up the garbs with vibrant head wraps and accessories.


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