This Thoughtful Video on Rape and Jollof Rice Shows That Consent Is Everything!

There is never really an easy way to tell the story of rape, whether from the perspective of the abused, the guilty, law enforcement or even as a concerned member of society. It’s particularly more difficult in a society like Nigeria, where many still see rape as mostly the fault of the victim.

A Lagos-based digital marketing and creative content agency, ID Africa has added its voice to the global campaign against sexual abuse by releasing a set of animated videos using storytelling techniques to engage Nigerian audiences.

According to Femi Falodun, the COO, at ID Africa Limited,

“’Rape, Consent and Nigerian Jollof Rice’ was inspired by ‘Tea and Consent’ video‘, a PSA sponsored by a UK Police department to sensitise the public on the importance of common consent before any sexual act. We decided to replace tea with jollof rice, due to its popularity as one of Nigeria’s favourite meals.’

ID Africa, which consults for brands on digital marketing, social PR, design and web development projects opted to make English, Yoruba, HausaIgbo and Pidgin versions of the video so as to ensure that majority of Nigeria’s 170 million population can clearly understand the message.


The videos go public on December 10th (World Human Rights Day), which is also final day of the UN’s 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, a global campaign that commenced on November 25th (Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women.)

It is hoped that with efforts like this, the Nigerian society regulates itself and wakes up to the challenges of sexual abuse and gender-based violence, as many more people realize that any form of sexual activity carried out without due consent, is indeed an act of RAPE!


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