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  • 4 Nigerian Women On Why They Chose To Go Natural

    This week on 234Star DIY, four of our in-house Naturalistas – Ose, Joke, Eniola and Remi share with us their natural hair journey, their hair care routines as well as their regrets. Watch below.

  • #234StarDIY: 1 Palazzo, 3 Ways

    For the fashionista on a budget, we all know the importance of maximising the little resources we have. It is why we are always looking out for versatile pieces that we can style in multiple ways and still look chic and fresh. Maximising your resources is essentially what our 234Star DIY show is all about. […]

  • 234Star DIY: Singer Waye Shows Us How To Turn An Old Pair Of Leggings Into A Top

    The best thing about DIY is how it lets you repurpose items that you had either condemned or thought you’ll have no use for. Take for instance, an old pair of leggings that you most probably do not wear out again, like this one in our latest episode of 234Star DIY which singer and fashion stylist Waye […]

  • 234Star DIY: How To Get Your 4C Hair Work Ready In No Time

    With how crazy Lagos is, there’s hardly ever enough time to dress up properly, talk more of styling your hair for work or any early morning appointment, so if you stay in a city as busy as Lagos, or you just need to have your natural hair looking tame in no time, this DIY tutorial […]