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Actress Moyo Lawal Opens Up On Her Lack Of Male Companionship

Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal has taken to Instagram to express how concerned she is about her relationship status.

In her post, Moyo said is tired of sleeping alone all night and wonders if in this age, being in a relationship without sex is possible. The actress also wonders how she will find a husband without having to compromise her values of ‘no sex before marriage.’

She shared this write up below:

As her caption, she wrote:

HELP ME ….is a relationship with no sex still possible in this age and time …that everyone is pregnant before marriage ??? …… … .. . P.s I have disciplined my self so much , that I am literally fighting battles to undiscipline myself 😭😭 ….. … In this generation , how will I ever find a husband without compromising 😭😭 …. …. ….. …. #Wheeew

See her post below:



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