Chimamanda Adichie Opens Up On Being Sexually Assaulted At 17 By A Lagos Big Shot

While speaking at the Stockholm Forum on Gender Equality which held in Sweden between 15–17 April, award-winning writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie shared her story of being assaulted at 17 by a big man in the media who she had gone to for help with her book launch.

She had gone to the office of the man whose name she didn’t mention in Lagos with hopes that he would help her with the launch of a poetry book she had written. The man had praised her and commended her dedication at such a young age when most of her mates couldn’t even be bothered to read. And then in what she described as a swift and shocking move, reached into her shirt and fondled her breast.

She also spoke on being a feminist long before she ever knew what it was, the MeToo movement and her hopes that her 2 and a half-year-old daughter would grow up in a world that is so much better than the one she currently leaves in.

Watch the video below. Her speech starts from the 3:43:00 mark.


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