Chisimdi Nzotta: John Dumelo Is Engaged And I’m Heart Broken

I’m typing this from the deepest part of my heart and no, I’m not crying.

Few minutes ago, I got a call from a friend and these were her words, ‘Chisi I hate to break bad news. I don’t know if you have heard. John Dumelo is engaged.’ I laughed it off and hurried off to his page and it was true. He captioned it ‘she said yes!!!’

I don’t know what to feel. Why are men such scum? I met John Dumelo in the movie ‘The game’ and we hit off our relationship – even though he didn’t know it.

Many movies later, I was still with him, my love unshaken. Even when he try to make me jealous in movies with other girls, I never stayed angry with him up to 30 minutes.

He was always with me in my dreams and once he brought me a car after our wedding night. We had waited till our wedding night to do it and we were going to have four children; two boys and two girls.

Our love blossomed to the point I decided there was no need to hide it and I took the risk and made it public. I told my family and friends and tattooed him on my Instagram page.

He never acknowledged me publicly nor replied my messages but I knew he had his reasons. He wanted to keep it private till he is ready to let the world know about us.

On my birthday last year, he followed me back on Instagram and wished me a happy birthday and I was so happy I almost died.

Yvonne Nelson got pregnant and God heard my supplications and answered my prayers and it wasn’t his.

After all these, what do I get? He is engaged to a lady that is not me. I’m lying in bed typing this with just my big T-shirt on and a wet hanky. No I’m not crying.


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