Dear Nigerian Parents, Here’s How To Treat Your Daughter When She Starts Her Menstrual Period


Nigerian parents can learn a thing or two from this white family who practically threw their daughter a party when she started seeing her period.

The Twitter user who shared the photos wrote, “Brooke started her period today & my family is so extra????????”


Brooke got a cake that had “Congrats on your period” boldly emblazoned on it, along with tampons and other gifts from her family to show their support and she was all smiles as she posed for pictures with her cute gifts.



Our followers on Instagram swear this can never happen in Nigerian homes but we think it should. It’s a very good way to get your girls to embrace and be comfortable with the changes they will experience in their bodies as they grow older.


That said, what was your parent(s) reaction when they found out you had started seeing your period?


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