Di’ja Advocates For Mental Health Awareness With #SaveMeChallenge

Singer Dija has joined the host of celebrities around the world to advocate for mental health awareness.

To promote the visuals for her new song Save Me the singer started a #SaveMeChallenge, telling people to speak up whenever they are depressed and encouraging others to check up on family and friends who are going through depression.

She first tweeted

The mind is an amazing thing. Both strong and delicate at the same damn time. The mind can make or break you.

She then followed it with a post on her Instagram account where she wrote,

Cc @rodneylavoiejr Most people dealing with depression do not look like they are suffering! I just got off the phone with a person I never would have thought would have suicidal thoughts”. I have watched so many people suffer and breakdown in silence. Let us help one another. The song Save me seems to have started something not only I can fix….. #showalittlekindnessplease It is a community thing.


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