DIY Wedding Ideas That Could Definitely End In Disaster And Ruin Your Big Day

You are scrolling through those really cool wedding ideas a random Pinterest search has led you to, and then you begin to get impractical thoughts about your dream wedding.

Pinterest boards and blogs make it look so great and easy to pull off do-it-yourself wedding ideas, but here’s why some of those ideas could end in disaster:

1. Celebrity photographer on a budget

You want your dream celebrity photographer to cover your big day, but your budget is not friendly. Sure, you can write a great email/essay explaining why you are their dream client. But, the downside can be real and messy. You could end up as screenshot fodder for an Instagram WTF post (side eye at Instablog9ja). Then again, you could get your wish.

2. Have a friend officiate your wedding

No Nigerian mummy who is worth her salt and meeting membership card will be showing up for that wedding. And in the event that you go ahead with your interesting idea for this intimate wild child wedding ceremony, good luck with that. When you finally show up for that family meeting organised in your name, we hope you come out of that experience unscathed.

3. Buy a second-hand wedding dress for a low budget wedding

It’s safe to say that this very foreign idea is dead on arrival. Just try suggesting this to your BFFs and let us know what their feedback was like in the comments section.

4. Plus ones are not invited

In the off chance that this could work for a Nigerian wedding, it would strictly have to be a presidential wedding or something close. That said, while pulling it off could help you control your guest list and save cost, it’s not for the faint-hearted.


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