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Fashionista Memo: Why I Wouldn’t Hop On The Beret Trend 

Berets are undoubtedly the trendiest fashion pieces right about now and you’ll agree with me except you are presently living under a rock. C’mon it’s everywhere; editorials, NYFW, Snapchat, I practically see berets  everyday on the gram. But then I still wonder what’s really so special about the piece… For me? absolutely nothing! If anything it only reminds me of those Junior Secondary school days at Igbobi Girls where not wearing a blue beret is only going to attract punishment; whether it’s 120 degrees and my head is practically boiling or not I was stuck with it, no other choice then, It was part of the uniform!

So fast forward to now, when I see people rocking it in all shades (never mind if it suits them or not) feeling cool, chic and well put together, I start feeling like maybe I’m losing my stylista touch by not joining the beret fashion wagon despite my history with it. So to convince myself that’s not the case, I came up with 5 reasons why I wouldn’t be hopping on the beret trend any time soon. Let’s see if you can relate and join my anti-beret movement hehehe…

It’s Just a Mirage… For Real.

Call me a kill joy but I’m convinced this trend will not last. It doesn’t have that stay factor, let’s face it, one day it’s in and the next day it’s out and I believe it’s a trend most people just want to experiment and move on from. . Well time will tell, I give it till summer 2018  though, let’s see if it’s still trendy by that time.

I’m not in the Military…(Duh)
I still maintain my stand that beret is and should remain part of the military uniform instead of being forced on we fashion civilians. Maybe because I’m so accustomed to seeing it as a military costume, I mean beret just has this regimented look about it. For one thing the most you can get out of it are different colour shades and when you go out of your way to add stones/colours it starts looking funny AF

I Flaunt My Hair Too Much To Care
It’s simple, I love my hair too much not to flaunt it. Especially weaves and braids, and yes even in winter.  So what if I’m having a bad hair day? Well I would rather go for my loyal head wrap, really. With all the patterns, styles that I get out of head wraps,  please berets can go and rest. And if you have a classic hair look you rock every time like me, you really don’t want one beret messing it up.

My name is not Rihanna (Drops Mic)
To be honest a lot of us jump on trends because of celebrities and we forget that as individuals without the celebrity tag attached, we’ll be judged based on whether the look suits us or not and not even based on the price tag most times. As I already know from way back that berets were not made for my face and I’m not a celebrity yet, I will swallow my pride and move to the next best trend.

Tourist Behaviour Deactivated

True fashionistas know how  difficult nailing the beret look can be . Especially if you don’t have a french wardrobe or a dainty sculptured face to support it. Well the easy way out for me would have been to jump on the trend while I’m out and about on my tourist behavior shopping in stores, because almost anything is permissible while visiting new places, usually the focus is not on me but my environment and its beauty. Well since I don’t have that option or cheat now I will just respect myself and stay away from berets. Period!

P.S: Berets are iconic, classy, have a unique history dating way back and have been established as chic fashion props but to everyone his or her own style. Issa no from me at this time. #NotSorry #FlipsHairLikeBey

Written by Mary Lawrence

Creative junkie, Blogger, Fashion Enthusiast and Personal shopper.

Email: lawrencemary.excel@gmail.com


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