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Female Fans Of Russia and Saudi Arabia Had Only One Thing In Common

Hosts of the FIFA 2018 World Cup, Russia beat their Saudi Arabian counterparts with a convincing 5-0 win over the second-lowest-ranked team in the competition.

And the beaming home supporters got in full party mode by wearing tiny crop tops, blowing kisses to the cameras and relishing every moment of their win.

That, however, contrasted sharply with the looks of the female Saudi fans, who wore headscarves and face coverings which only revealed their eyes, keeping with Islam’s conservative and strict modesty code.

But it is a cause for celebration that the away fans could even go to the game in the first place as it was only this January that Saudi women were finally allowed to watch a football match in a stadium.

That change came as part of a number of reforms spearheaded by the kingdom’s crown prince Mohammad bin Salman.

In Saudi Arabia, female fans still have to enter grounds through designated turnstiles and they will soon have separate cafes and prayer rooms.

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