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Here’s How Much Meghan Markle Splurged On These Gold Plated Sunglasses

Meghan Markle‘s future is so bright, she has to wear shades, very expensive, gold-plated shades.

While celebrating her birthday at a friend’s wedding on Saturday, the Duchess of Sussex accessorized her Club Monaco dress in a pair of Linda Farrow sunglasses made from 18-22 carat gold-plated Japanese titanium.

The price for Markle’s sold-out, statement-making sunglasses? $750 which is N270k.

Still, in news sure to relieve Prince Charles who picks up the tab for Markle’s royal wardrobe, the Duchess’ pair is a relative deal compared to the white-gold version of the same Linda Farrow style. Those feature platinum lenses and cost $1,215 (N437,400).


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