How To Make Yamarita And Pepper Sauce

A meal to die for!

Yamarita is a leveled up version of Yam and Egg. I think it is among my 30 favorite foods. I love it because it is really easy to prepare and does not need extra cooking ingredients. Anybody that knows me knows I’m pretty selfish with my musics and food recipes but this one is too good to not to share!

I’m sure you guys are going to love me for giving you these simple steps on how to prepare and enjoy the tantalizing dish of Yamarita and Pepper Sauce.


  1. 2 or 3Eggs
  2. Yam
  3. Seasoning cube
  4. Tatashe (Red bell pepper)
  5. Ata Rodo (Scotch Bonnet)
  6. Onions
  7. Half cup of flour
  8. Dried pepper (not necessary)
  9. Thyme
  10. Ginger
  11. Crayfish (not necessary)
  12. Salt

How to prepare Yamarita

  1. Peel and slice the yam in rectangular shapes fit for frying then wash them with clean water.
  2. Boil the yam with salt and water until soft and suitable for eating (be careful not to let the water be too much so that the yam won’t be too soft)
  3. Remove your yam from the pot by draining the water completely away.
  4. Break and beat the eggs in a separate bowl. Add some seasoning and salt until you get your desired taste.
  5. Take a couple slices of yam and soak it in the beaten eggs and make sure it really soaks in.
  6. Once soaked remove from the egg and roll it evenly, in the flour and dried pepper mixture, then put inside the hot oil.
  7. Heat enough oil that can deep fry the yam in a frying pan. 
  8. Do this same process to all the pieces of the yam till you finish frying.
  9. After you finish frying, arrange the yam slices on a paper towel to remove any excess oil

How to make pepper sauce

The pepper sauce is really not compulsory except you want to spice up your Yamarita. But without it, your Yamarita is still fine for eating.

  1. Blend the fresh pepper and onions.
  2. After blending, boil the blended pepper so that the water can dry out.
  3. Heat up a little amount of oil and fry the spices (like the ginger, thyme, and diced onions)
  4. Then add the blended pepper and season till you’re satisfied with the taste.

Yes Ladies! Your Yamarita and Pepper sauce is ready to be served. Please be careful not to bite your tongue or fingers while devouring it! You’re welcome!


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