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How To Shoot Your Shot And Never Miss

This is the 21st century and the era where it’s okay for women to shoot their shots! Yes, you don’t have to sit down and wait until the guy you like comes your way; it’s your prerogative to make sure you make him notice you, show him that you are available and interested in being more than friends.

It’s not a bad thing for you to get close to a guy you like and what’s the worst that can happen? He may not show the same level of interest you hope he has in you and on the other hand, you may realise that you made the right move when things turn out well. But you can only achieve positive results if you try.

Follow this steps below and never miss when shooting your shot:

  1. Don’t wait to be sure that he is interested

If you are interested in a guy and want to shoot your shot, you don’t need to wait and find out if he is interested. Doing that will only waste your time; instead, go for what you want and put your mind into it.

2. Be friendly:

This will make you get to know him more and also make him want to get to know you too. Ask questions and try to be polite and don’t be too forward. You can try to start a decent conversation and watch how it goes. Find out what his hobbies, likes and interests are.

3. Be bold:

Realistically, what’s the worst that can happen, him saying no? That’s not the end of the world. Do not hold yourself back from getting to know him. Be open and express yourself;  have conversations that will make him realise that you are interested in him.

4. Flirt:

This is a cheat code on how to get closer and it can easily be done on social media. So when you are chatting with him, don’t forget to flirt a little: play around with words, compliment him in ways you know he would think about, loosen up as you are with him and make him feel very relaxed with you.

5. Find your mutual interest:

Remember we mentioned earlier that you should ask about his hobbies and interest? This is where everything is needed. Find out what interests him and see which matches with yours. If it’s football, you can ask him if he is going to watch the match happening during the weekend and show your interest in it. Same with music he likes, bring up a conversation about a concert coming up and how much you like it, hear what he has to say, if you are going for it, you can mention it to him and see if he will be interested in joining you, then you continue from there.


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