“I Feel Like The Life I Live Is Extraordinary” – Kendall Jenner As She Covers Harper’s Bazaar

Supermodel and reality star, Kendall Jenner is the cover star for the February issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

The 22-year-old was interviewed by her friend Cara Delevingne and photographed by fashion photographer, Sølve Sundsbø for the issue.

See excerpts from the interview and more photos below.

CARA DELEVINGNE: Happy belated birthday! You recently turned the ripe old age of 22. How old do you really feel?

KENDALL JENNER: It fluctuates. Sometimes I feel like a complete kid when I’m running around with my friends being stupid for a week, and then sometimes I just want to sit in my house and sip tea and watch old movies like I’m 60.

CD: Sounds about right. Every time we’re together we’re either rolling around making bird noises or sitting on the porch in rocking chairs talking about the young people these days. Do you feel like an accomplished 22-year-old?

KJ: I feel like the life I live is extraordinary in a lot of ways but that it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. I’ve had to grow up pretty fast and deal with situations most 22-year-olds aren’t really put into. There are days and weeks and months when you just don’t stop.

CD: You grew up in the public eye. Is there anything you feel you missed out on?

KJ: The obvious answer is college, I guess, but I don’t even know if I regret that. I had a pretty normal childhood, with a twist, and went to school until the 10th grade. For 11th and 12th, I did homeschool, but I still saw a lot of my old friends. I didn’t go to prom, though, which was kind of annoying. I can’t really complain except for now, maybe, I would like to go to Disneyland or a public beach. To go to a beach in peace would be lovely. To be able to hang out and meet new people and not be bothered would be awesome.

CD: When you have children—because I know you’re going to have loads—how will you feel if one of them wants to go into fashion and become famous like their mom? Will you let them have access to social media?

KJ: I think I’ll definitely put an age limit on it and try to keep them away from it as much as possible. I always loved being able to play in my yard with my animals, and my dog, and my friends. It’s going to be interesting to see what the world is like when I do have kids. But I definitely don’t plan on having them anytime soon.

CD: What does it mean to be a supermodel today versus 20 years ago?

KJ: I’ve actually talked about it with a couple of women, like Cindy Crawford, who have been doing this for a long time. I feel like social media obviously has a lot to do with how it’s different. A lot of people are like, “Oh, it’s so much easier now because you have Instagram. You don’t even need an agency anymore.” But that’s just not true. I still had to go to all the castings, I still had to go meet all the photographers, I still had to do all of that to get to where I am now. There wasn’t a step taken out just because I had social media. I still have 12-hour days, I still have even 24-hour days sometimes; I still have to do all those things. We don’t work any less hard than the ’90s models did when they were young.

CD: Would you ever consider designing your own line?

KJ: Kylie and I have our little brand that we do together, and actually have a fun time doing it, but I would love to branch off and do something a little more serious and really sit down and test my brain and play with it a little bit.

CD: What do you hope to be doing 22 years from now?

KJ: I hope to have a family, and I hope to be in love. I just want light and happiness and love. And you! I want you in my life!


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