“I Haven’t Felt That Love In A Long Time” – Naomi Campbell On Her Trip To Nigeria

Naomi Campbell rocking the Nigerian jersey

Supermodel Naomi Campbell was in Lagos, Nigeria 2 weeks ago for the Arise Fashion Week, and from all indications, she had a pretty fab time.

Naomi Campbell in I Am Isigo

Reflecting on her very eventful trip, the fashion icon told British Vogue, “The energy was amazing. From the moment I landed, I had the most incredible time: the people were wonderful, gracious, kind, accommodating… I received so much love that it felt almost overwhelming.”

“I went to an amazing shop, Alara, which is like Colette – and I was so excited by all of the fashion, the music, the culture,” she continued. “I’m gonna wear [all those designers] now that I’m home; I felt so comfortable, so easy, so relaxed. I feel like Africa, as a continent, is on the tip of explosion. It’s the next destination, and it needs a broader platform. I am going to help them get it. It’s more than overdue. There needs to be an African Vogue. It’s time.”

Naomi Campbell rocking the Nigerian jersey

She went on to say, “I left with my heart full of so much happiness; I didn’t want to leave. I haven’t felt that love in a long time, and it made me realise that, all the 32 years I’ve been in this business, they’ve been worth it.”


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