I Rejoiced The Day I Had My First Post Accident Erection – Yinka Ayefele

All hope was lost until….

Yinka Ayefele and Son

Popular Gospel Singer, Yinka Ayefele recently revealed that he was pronounced to be unable to perform sexually by Nigerian doctors after an accident which nearly took his life on December 12, 1997.

While celebrating 20 years after the accident, Ayefele told Sunday Scoop that doctors had told his family that he would not be able to have an erection or have sexual intercourse with any woman.

But to his utmost surprise, he suddenly had an erection and everyone became ecstatic.

He said, “After the accident, everyone jubilated when I had an erection one afternoon. I was wondering why they were rejoicing and they told me the doctors said I would not be able to have an erection again. They had reached the conclusion without my knowledge.”

He admitted that life would have become meaningless had he not regained the ability to have an erection.

He added that however, he had become unperturbed whenever people still raise doubts about him being potent, even though he confessed that he was initially bothered by such talks.

He recalled, “I can still remember my response to a journalist who wanted to be sure I could impregnate a woman. I told him to bring his sister if he wanted a confirmation. It used to be embarrassing when people questioned my sexual ability”.

“Even if I am unable to make love to a woman, should that make them happy? Even if my wife and I opted for IVF, is it something they should gloat about”? he asked.


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