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“I’m Definitely Not Going To Be Different To Fit Anyone’s Idea Of Who I Should Be” – Kiki Osinbajo

Kiki Osinbajo, the daughter of Vice President Yomi Osinbajo took to her Instagram page today in the spirit of throwback thursday, to post a not so old favourite picture of her as she recalled the negative reactions she got from wearing henna and a turban.

She also shared some motivating lines on self-love and ignoring negative vibes.

Read what she said below:

My favorite picture ever!❤️🙈 👸 
I remember posting it and I got a lot of negative people asking why I wore henna and had a turban and all sorts of negative things @bighstudios was so upset and called me and I remember telling him not to worry I liked the picture and that’s all that counts.(even if low key I was a bit upset) I told myself then I cannot allow people I don’t know have such a hold on me ! People will be negative , people will try to change you, people will judge you , people would hate you for no reason , but my darling you are YOU AND NOBODY DOES YOU BETTER THAN YOU! Take me or leave me, but as I am because I’m definitely not going to be different to fit anyone’s idea of who I should be! Officially doing me 💅🏾💅🏾

See her post below:

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