Keeping It Natural The Issa Rae Way

Are you tired of your natural hair sticking out of your braids? Surprise! Yes, I know that feeling too. I mean it is barely two weeks into my favorite braid style and I can see those curls peeping out already. It’s annoying to spend so much time (and money) sitting to get those box braids done only for it to look at least 3 months old just a few days after.

If like me you’re tired of this, here are five {5} easy and chic hairstyle inspiration from Issa Rae that you can rock and still keep your coils or curls in check. Best part, you can do almost all the styles by yourself in the comfort of your home.

  • The half up, half down

Issa Rae-Natural Hair Inspo

This look is so amazing and is definitely what I will be making next.


  • The cornrow 

Issa Rae-Natural Hair Inspo

An effortless look that’s perfect for almost any occasion. It’s so simple, literally anyone can pull this off, yet it still retains a measure of class.

  • The braided crown.

Issa Rae-Natural Hair Inspo

This look is for my bold, fierce girls who are not afraid to express themselves in every way. This one is a favorite as It exudes a great deal of elegance.

  • The textured up do

Issa Rae-Natural Hair Inspo

This one comes in handy for the girl on the move, and if you dread staying at the hairdressers for hours, this one’s for you. It’s very simple and chic, easy to create and un-do


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