Kim Kardashian’s ‘Designer’ Trash Cans Have Got Everyone Talking

Can you make a list of celebrities who always go extra without Kim Kardashian having a place in at least top five? I don’t think so.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians‘ star, took to Snapchat to share pictures of Louis Vuitton trash cans and everybody is speculating they are hers. The internet has gone wild ever since.

The images got a lot of negative reaction with someone asking her to go donate to children with cancer instead of things that don’t matter in life and another saying it is the ‘stupidest thing I have ever seen’.

Some other people had a different opinion. There were comments that read, ‘Even Kim Kardashian’s trash is more beautiful than me,’ and ‘If I have to accept my fate that I am trash I’ll at least be Kim Kardashian’s designer trash.’



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