Meghan Markle Apparently Hasn’t Talked To Thomas Markle Since After The Wedding

In news that’s probably shocking to nobody that Meghan Markle is reportedly not talking to her dad, Thomas Markle.

Thomas has been making the interview rounds saying the Queen refuses to meet him and talking about his daughters alleged baby making plans.

Now, Us Weekly is reporting that Meghan hasn’t talked to her dad since he, well, started talking to everyone with a mic.

“Meghan hasn’t spoken to Thomas since the day after her wedding,” a “palace source” told the magazine, adding that the whole royal family is “frustrated” with his behavior.

Another source said: “Thomas is walking a fine line. This blabbing needs to stop if he wants to maintain any relationship with Harry and Meghan. This will definitely have an effect on whether Harry meets Thomas or not now.”

In response, a source close to Thomas said, “Thomas adores his daughter and swears he never wanted attention from the interviews. All he’s ever cared about is protecting Meghan.”


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