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Meghan Markle Has Allegedly Asked Her Father To Stop Talking To Her Sister

Meghan Markle, who’s been estranged from her father, Thomas, since the royal wedding, reportedly asked him to stop running his mouth not only to the press, but also to her half-sister, Samantha.

“Meghan asked me to tell Samantha to stop talking about her and then asked me to stop talking to Samantha,” Thomas lamented to The Sun. “I have two daughters. I can’t stop talking to one of them. No father should be asked to turn his back on their children. I love Meghan but I also love Samantha.”

Thomas also noted, however, that he told Samantha and his son, Thomas Jr., to stop criticizing Meghan publicly.

Yet Thomas Jr. blasted the Duchess of Sussex in yet another interview released Tuesday.

“Throughout our lives, Dad always put Meg first, above me and my sister, but if what he is saying is true, it appears she is abusing his love for her,” Thomas Jr. told The Mirror.

“It’s selfish, cruel even. He gave her everything and now she is giving him nothing but hurt back,” he continued. “They say blood is thicker than water, but perhaps the blue blood of the royals now runs through Meg’s veins. It’s heartbreaking to see how this has changed her and the devastation it has caused to my family.”

He concluded, “Anyone who saw Meg when she was growing up knew her and my dad were inseparable. Now it looks as though they may never speak again.”

Samantha, who previously admitted selling stories about Meghan to the press for cash, also jumped at the opportunity to take shots at her half sister.

“There would be no just reason for her not to want him in her life, as he was good enough to use to make her everything she is,” Samantha wrote on her private Twitter account. “She should be grateful. Her diplomacy skills suck and are inhumane. If you treat your own father like this, Harry is next … Freezing people out is the best way of hiding the truth.”


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