Newlyweds, 18 Others Die As Rented Limousine Crashes Into New York Tourist Spot

At least 20 people have been confirmed dead on Sunday after a limousine ran into customers at a tourist spot in New York, United States.

The accident, according to New York Times, occurred when the limousine collided with another vehicle on top speed just outside the Apple Barrel Country Store on Saturday.

The store’s manager, confirmed that the limousine rammed into customers at the parking lot “probably over 60 miles per hour” after the initial collision.

“I don’t want to describe the scene,” she added. “It’s not something I want to think about,” she is quoted as saying.

One 60-year-old man, Lester Andrews, said he lost two stepsons and a daughter-in-law who were inside the limousine in the crash.

One of Andrew’s stepsons, Axel Steenburg, and his new bride, Amy, had rented the exquisite car.

“They rented the limo with some families and I don’t know exactly what they were doing,” Andrews told NYT.

“There’s just a lot of confusion, so many people died. Their mother is looking for some answers, she wants to know what happened to her sons.”

Authorities say the particular intersection where the collision occurred was a notoriously dangerous spot which had previously caused many other accidents.

“I honestly think it was a more dangerous intersection than it was before,” Alan Tavenner, the town supervisor who called the death toll “completely mind-boggling”, said.

This post first appeared on Newsroom.


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