NY Fashion Week Steet Style…Denim, Chunky Shoes, and Sling Purses Are Here to Stay

Forget all that happens on the runway during fashion week, the streets is where the style at, and it was no different at the New York Fashion week.

For us regular people who are closet fashion enthusiasts, street style fashion is where we get inspiration for what fashion item to add to our closet or which one to throw out!

Here’s what we learnt fro NY Fashion Week…

  • Denim is definitely here to stay. So stock up girls!
  • Chunky shoes are now a thing. Yes, they can look ugly and clumsy, but it’s one way to make a fashion statement this season.
  • Sling purses are a big hit now. So if you are the type to carry your living room in your handbag, it’s time to decongest and go small.
  • Dark/basic colours are the way to go. If you enjoy looking like a rainbow, now may be the time to tone down a little, and go easy on the colours.
  • Hair dyeing is a win. Yaay! There’s nothing cooler than experimenting with different looks, so we are super thrilled that hair colouring is still winning.



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