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Our Top Eight Falz The Bahd Guy Style Moments

Falz The Bahd Guy is as versatilely talented as they come. The rapper/actor/activist/lawyer has given us many hits and on-screen moments that we would forever be grateful for. His fashion game, which is the main focus of this post, is just as topnotch as his music and acting skills.

Whether it’s the gold-rimmed glasses that has since become a signature, or the 9 outfits change we witnessed in the very first edition of his critically-acclaimed concert The Falz Experience, the 28-year-old lawyer has consistently made a statement with his personal style and shown us he understands just how big a role fashion plays in building a superstar brand.

Take a look at some of our favourite style moments of the superstar below.

1. That time he looked so crisp and dapper in a three-piece suit by Mai Atafo

Falz The Bahd Guy

2. We would give anything to see the full look, because this shot did more than whet our appetite.

Falz The Bahd Guy

3. And he does casual just as well as he rocks Agbada…

Falz The Bahd Guy

4. …Or even a suit

Falz The Bahd Guy

5. A certified sweet boy in this get-up by TWIF

Falz The Bahd Guy

6. This Blingshiki top is the business! And you’ve got to give it to him for accessorising right.

Falz The Bahd Guy

7. He gave us major 90’s feels in this dungaree and bandana ensemble.

Falz The Bahd Guy

8. Lastly, let’s give up for this picture of him channeling the heck out of Lord Baelish at media personality, IK Osakioduwa’s Game Of Thrones-themed birthday party.

Falz The Bahd Guy

We are absolutely looking forward to all the lewks we are sure he’ll be serving at The Falz Experience 2 come the 8th of June!


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