Semen Facials & Why It’s A Trend That Won’t Go Away Anytime Soon

When it comes to natural beauty trends what first comes to mind is our trusted coconut oil and shea butter.

But a recent spark in this new DIY face mask made solely from men’s semen has come to take over.

A few beauty bloggers swear by it’s authenticity and it’s ability to leave your face with a dewy glow afterwards but is it really true? Let’s examine the facts!

1. The frequent “protein in semen is good for your face” lie

Apparently this is one of the strong points that is being used to convince people that yes, it really is something that work.

Although semen contains protein there’s not enough protein in semen to provide any benefits for your skin. Also there is no real evidence that applying protein to your face is of any benefit in any way.

2. Semen can trigger skin allergies you never knew you had

Beauty bloggers may try to convince you that it’l leave your skin with a glow but we’re here to tell you that it could leave you with skin allergies. It could even leave your skin irritated and dry.

So no, do not try this at home ladies.

3. You can get an STI from a semen facial

Newsflash, even when with semen just on your face, semen can still transmit STIs. STIs like chlamydia aren’t just spread via penetrative sex.

This is because it can spread to the mucous membranes of your lips, nostrils and eyes through semen facials. If that isn’t enough to discourage you then I don’t know what will.

4. Semen facials don’t actually work

Just because a beauty blogger tells you something, does a tutorial video with photos showing before and after the semen facial doesn’t make it true. There is really no scientific evidence to prove the claims of semen facials working.

So be wary, these beauty bloggers will lead you astray.

One last thing…

Before you try to reap the potential benefits of semen by inserting it into your diet instead, you should know just how much semen you would have to consume in order to enjoy the ‘benefits’ them.

According to research gulping gallons of it each day to experience any of the positive effects of semen. If you looked at the nutritional content of a “single serving” of semen, the only notable nutrient it contains is zinc. Even then your consumption may vary depending on the source.


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