Seun Asked Raquel To Marry Him Just 5 Days After They First Met, Read Their Very Inspiring Love Story!

You hear stories of the proverbial Yoruba Demons everyday and begin to forget that there are so many angels among them. Stories like this one serve as a reminder.

A Facebook user who goes by the name, Raquel Jacobs took to the social platform to share her love story and it’s absolutely beautiful.

She met her husband, Oluwaseun at an airport on 9th May, 2016 and five days later, he was already asking her to marry him. She agreed but insisted that they weren’t going to have sex until they get married, Seun took it up a notch and said they wouldn’t kiss either. Fast forward to September 2017, the two lovers are husband and wife.

Here is their story as shared by Raquel:

9th May 2016 – Complete Strangers.
15th May 2016 – Marry Me!
9th September 2017- Vows!
Looking back the last 478Days with a full heart. Yes, I recently married my Best friend. But much more than excitement, what I’ve been taught during this (what felt like an eternity of single) season is that God is INTENTIONAL about every single detail in our lives. If we’re connected and in alignment with what HE is doing, we won’t miss His voice when He speaks.
God brought this amazing human into my life when I wasn’t even ready. I could have missed it, I almost didn’t see it. It was too fast and he was too real to be true. Thankfully, when I met him, I recognised him-Spirit to Spirit.

It only took me a few hours from the airport departure lounge to the plane to decide I wanted us to be friends. In three days I knew deep in my heart, you’re here to stay. After five days you decided you wanted more than friendship. Was I scared? Absolutely!

You don’t meet some stranger and in five days agree to marry them but you were sure it was me you’ve been actively searching for. Beyond possessing every single thing on my list for a choice of a spouse, you came with extras I knew ONLY my Father could give me.

I said “if we’re doing this, know that we’re going to have to wait until marriage” you said “lets raise the bar, we’re not going to kiss before marriage”. Your response that day in Kigali was a confirmation that you just had to be him.

I’m grateful for a man like you @theoluwaseun. You’re truly the #FathersSon. Your love for God is so evident in ALL you do. You challenged me to see the world in the way that I never did; you make me laugh and love with abandon and remind me every single day to dream bigger, to work harder, to open my heart to the possibilities of this beautiful life. I never realized that I could love anyone as much as I love you.

I’ve said this over and over to you “wherever God may lead you, with ALL my heart, I’ll be there too”
#TheFathersDaughter#TheFathersSon#ActivelyWaiting#Roluwaseun (No year added. No number needed. It’s a forever something)

See more photos from their wedding below!

Photo credit: Raquel Jacobs


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