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Steve Jobs’ Daughter Just Wrote A Memoir Called ‘Small Fry’ Revealing What It Was Really Like Growing Up With The Apple Cofounder

Lisa Brennan-Jobs, daughter of Steve Jobs, has written a memoir about her famous father who is basically responsible for some of the world’s favorite tech gadgets.

But while it’s revealing and contains many shocking revelations, Lisa doesn’t want anyone to hold it against him.

In one incident from the book, Lisa’s mother asked him to buy a house for her and their child, but Steve Jobs bought the house for himself and his new partner instead.

In an interview with The New York Times, Lisa defended her father, and says she has forgiven him.

The New York Times, which has obtained a copy of the book, “Small Fry,” early, and interviewed Brennan-Jobs about her relationship with her father.

Ugly details of the relationship between Jobs and his daughter have been public for years.

He once claimed she wasn’t his child, and refused to pay child support until ordered to. But the book provides a window into the Jobs household as Brennan-Jobs grew up, including some parenting practices by Jobs.

In one incident, Jobs reportedly refused to put heating in Brennan-Jobs’ bedroom to give her a “value system.”

Another time, Jobs seems to have behaved inappropriately in front of his daughter with Powell Jobs. The New York Times wrote:

“Ms. Brennan-Jobs describes him embracing Ms. Powell Jobs one day, ‘pulling her in to a kiss, moving his hand closer to her breasts,’ and up her thigh, ‘moaning theatrically.’

When Ms. Brennan-Jobs tries to leave, her father stops her.

”Hey Lis,’ he said. ‘Stay here. We’re having a family moment. It’s important that you try to be part of this family.’ I sat still, looking away as he moaned and undulated.'”

Brennan-Jobs, however, does not want the account to be condemnatory, and stressed to the paper that she has forgiven her father and wishes to emphasize his better side.

“Have I failed in fully representing the dearness and the pleasure? The dearness of my father, and the outrageous pleasure of being with him when he was in good form?” she reportedly said.


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