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Stripes The Right Way! Here Are Some Useful Tips For Styling Your Striped Outfit


Stripes are a fashion staple. No matter what trend is in or out the stripes are always in; horizontal, vertical, diagonal, big, tiny, they come in different sizes and styles and patterns

Here are some tips on how to style it right.

Keep it Simple: Don’t try to do too much, you can wear a simple stripe jumpsuit or gowns.


One at a Time: If you can’t get a complete striped outfit, you can also pair striped blouses or skirts or pants with denim, neutral colors or complimentary colors.







Mix it Up: You can mix different stripes. Tiny and big stripes or wear two different striped outfits.


Color: Bright multicolored striped outfits exists. Wear them!

Ozinna Anumudu

You should also note that

  • Vertical stripes make you look longer, taller
  • Horizontal stripes make you look wider
  • Tiny stripes have a slimming effect
  • Large stripes makes you look bigger.


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