6 Struggles Only A Naturalista Can Relate With

All hail the naturalistas in the house. Grooming a natural hair is not as easy as it looks. We recognize and understand your pain and struggle.

Below are 6 struggles only naturalistas can relate with;

It’s so annoying how after loosing our protective weaves, our hair shows in it full glory. Soft and full! But immediately after wash, we become almost bald.

It is not only the natural hair products that are expensive. Twisting natural hair is two times the price of twisting a relaxed hair. It’s very annoying!

After charging high, most hairdressers are impatient when it comes to combing out natural hair. That’s why I make sure to comb my hair myself before weaving. I can not let anybody remove my scalp for me.

This is so relatable. My hair cuts a lot! I actually thought I was the only one until I asked a few naturalistas and they said they can relate too! It’s painful seeing the hair length you’re managing fall like snow every time you comb.

I’ve been on natural hair for about 3 years but because I do not maintain it well and my hair breaks a lot, it grows really slow. I know this lady who went natural few months after I did and her hair is blooming! She’s always showing it off on the internet! Annoying somebody!

Before I stand from my bed every morning, I go through this phase. “How do I comb my hair?” or “should I just relax it? It’s way cheaper and less stressful though less admired.

This is probably what I’ll eventually do! I’m tired.


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