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The Worst Dressed List: Cuppy, Simi, Susan Peters & More Celebrities Who Will Be Needing A Style Overhaul In 2019

You may have watched the first part of our Fashion Roundtable where with the help of our panelists, we reviewed our list of celebrities and popular personalities whose styles stood out in 2018. (If you haven’t, you totally should!). For the second part of the show, we look at celebrities who didn’t quite impress with their styles (or lack thereof).

DJ Cuppy, Uriel Oputa, Susan Peters and more made our list.

We also talked about Simi and her rather unrepentant stance when it comes to fashion. Our panelists debate whether she deserves to continue being brought up in fashion conversations seeing as she has repeatedly insisted that she has almost zero interest in fashion.

Watch below.


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  1. Does any other country apart from the US have an Ariana Grande? Why should Simi be the next ‘American star’ that she’s older than? Is she aging backwards? Criticize her style if you will but she is enough as Simi and not anyone’s clone. That was such a daft thing to say. My goodness!

  2. How is this entertainment? The bitch on the far right literally insulted people and not their style . Stick to the script, talk about their style, the guy was the only one who did that. I don’t even care for the people they mentioned but the whole show was so condescending on every level. I was so angry listening to them, like this is the most annoying thing I have sat thur in recent times. I ask again how is this rubbish entertainment?

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