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#TheOtherRoom: My Best Valentine Sex (R18+)

I couldn’t care less about Valentine’s Day, but there was a time I actually did.

The Valentine’s Day that changed everything was with Femi. He was my boss and at first, I didn’t like him. He wore all black outfits everyday and had an air of importance. ‘How can someone be so proud and unfashionable at the same time?’ I wondered.

On that day two years ago, he sent for me in his office. ‘Quickly!’ he had said.

I found him seated on the couch and surprisingly he wore red. He motioned me to sit beside him and began to speak softly. At first it was weird but somehow, I became horny. It was the things he said and how he said them while playing softly with my hair. He said he wore red for me and there were a lot of things he could do to me, right there on the couch.

He kissed my lips and sent electric waves through my body. I wanted more but no, he wouldn’t have it. He pulled down his trousers and he was even bigger below than he was in person.

His dick was black, big and long and had veins that seemed to say ‘you’ll have a tough time girl’. He lowered my head to it but this time, it was I who wouldn’t have it.

I told him to pull his trousers back up and let me be in charge. Slowly and seductively, I walked to the door and locked it and went to his fridge to search for something I would eat his dick with, something creamy preferably. I found whipped cream and took my time to get a glass so the tension will mount and then slowly went back to him. He began to open his trousers again but I stopped him. I fumbled with his belt with my mouth and the wait almost drove him crazy.

I finally opened it and gave it a lick from his boxers before finally letting it out, head first. I poured some of my cream on it and licked slowly while maintaining eye contact with him. I poured more and licked even more giving more attention to the head, like it was lollipop that would melt if I didn’t finish it on time.

I sucked his balls tenderly then swallowed him, though his dick wouldn’t go all the way. I mouth fucked him, using my hands when my mouth was tired. He kept gasping and moaning and begging me not to kill him with so much pleasure. Just when I thought he’d cum, he put a finger to my lips and stopped me.

He lay me on my back on the table and pulled up my gown. I was self conscious at first as I hadn’t shaved in months and my hip bones were sticking out. If he noticed, he didn’t let it show. He pulled down my red lace panties and stuck a finger inside my pussy and licked. Then he did it again and again like it was chocolate and he was having the time of his life. He lowered his head and kissed and licked and sucked and ate and I thought I’d explode from all the pleasure.

I felt his dick sliding in and the thickness was something. At first it was painful and it seemed it would tear me apart. I made to resist but he covered my mouth with kisses. Kisses that lingered to my nipppes and soon the pain was forgotten.

His dick finally went in and it took me some seconds to adjust. He began thrusting, so slow it could almost go unnoticed and then the rhythm increased. It became fast and not once did I stop moaning. His dick filled me up. It was so long I thought it would come out from my mouth. It hit spots I never knew existed.

Soon it felt like I couldn’t take it anymore, like I’d actually explode and at the same time, he began to jerk. We climaxed at the same time and I haven’t had a better sex ever since.

The next morning, my termination letter was smiling at me on my computer screen.


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