These 6 Nigerian Beauties Make Haircuts Look So Damn Good!

You might want to consider ditching those weaves

If you’ve ever wanted to ditch the long weaves but never mustered enough courage to do the big chop, then these Nigerian beauties are all the inspiration you need. They not only make a haircut look good, they rock the hell out of them.

Take a look!

Jennifer Oseh (@Theladyvhodka)

Model and stylist, Jennifer is the queen of the mini fro. Her golden haircut is just as fierce as her personality.


Dodos Uvieghara (@iamdodos)

Dodos’ Anita Baker-inspired pixie cut is both pretty and chic.


Dorcas Shola Fapson (DSF)

We were a little skeptical when DSF first unveiled her new look but the blonde buzz cut has since grown on us and we have to say that she’s been pulling it off like a pro.

Lola OJ (@lolaoj)

Lola is constantly switching up her haircuts. She recently dyed it blue for her birthday shoot and looked just as amazing as ever.

Kemi Smallzz (@kemismallzz)

Kemi makes the buzz cut look yum!

Sammy Walsh (@sammywalsh)

We love how TV Presenter, Sammy Walsh is never afraid to play with colours and she pulls everyone off better than the last.


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