These Parts Of The Female Body Should Never Be Ignored During Foreplay

Foreplay is absolutely necessary for good sex; but when you touch each other in a familiar way every time, your body becomes desensitized and it won’t feel as arousing.
However, there are so many undiscovered erogenous zones in a woman’s body and some things to keep in mind when having foreplay that will make it amazing.
Below are some parts of her body you should never ignore during foreplay:
  1. The nipples:

The nipples are under-appreciated erogenous zone as they are hotspots for pleasure. It has hundreds of nerve endings which makes it extremely sensitive to the touch and susceptible to pleasure.

2. The clitoris:

This is the most sensitive part of a woman’s body. Most men neglect the clitoris and focus only on the vagina when the truth is that a good majority of women do not get orgasms from vaginal stimulation but only through stimulation of the clit.

3. The Ear:

 The ears and earlobes are extremely sensitive for most women, telling them sexy things can be a huge turn on, also stimulations such as nibbling on the earlobes, licking behind their ear, and blowing gently on the ear can give eargasms.

4. The mound on the lower back:

The mound at the lower back, down the spine, is packed with nerves and has the potential to cause arousal, giving a soft back massage will send chills throughout the body.

5. The trail on the thigh:

The thigh has a nerve called ‘ilioinguinal nerve’ and it is the most explosive nerve in the body, highly sensitive to touch. Caressing this area indirectly stimulates the genitals since the nerves around it are firing pleasure signals to the brain, making the breath become rapid and pelvis begin to spasm.

6. The back of the neck:

The back of the neck is a more sensitive spot for women than men, so a lot of men never realize they need to touch there. Kissing the neck or massaging it will set a woman in the mood.

7. The feet:

The feet have so many nerve endings and are very sensitive, focusing on the feet can be a nice tease which can help her relax.



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